About Jaime Ley
-I am the owner/photographer at DayDream
-I opened my business in 2002…time flies!
-I am an Honor Graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA
-I live in a house of boys, and LOVE IT!
-My husband Ryan and I went to Kindergarten together…and every grade after that.
-I have two sons, Austin (11) & Cody (7), who are passionate “farm boys”
-I consume far too much Diet Pepsi & iced coffee
-I love to cook but rarely find the time for anything too exciting
-My knowledge of music is PATHETIC!
-I am passionate about every aspect of my business!
-I am most comfortable behind a camera and feel naked without one.
-I love to craft, scrapbook, paint, sew and whatever else I dream up for tomorrows shoot.
-My clients are great friends! I’ve photographed them as high school seniors, and then their weddings and now their children. I hate to admit I’ve been at this almost long enough to see a second generation of seniors. YIKES!


About Jade Kaper
-I am Jaime’s voice of reality & sanity
-My job is to “keep Jaime young” as she calls it
-I spend all of my free time in the summer soaking up the sunshine at the lake with my family and my wonderful husband Kory.
-My Photoshop skills can all be credited to Jaime, she has taught me everything I know!
-While I don’t have a family of my own (yet!) I have a bad case of “baby fever” and always look forward to a full day of Kids Club!
-I can’t sit still for a minute! The best part of my job is that I am always doing something new.
-All forms of art inspire me and I try to let everything I see influence my graphic designs.


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